Poplar Park offers first class, affordable livery ensuring horses are kept as close to how nature intended as possible . . .


Poplar Park is located down a bridleway approximately half a mile from the road.  With most of our staff living on-site you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your horse is being well looked after.  At the Park, horses are kept in herd groups and have approximately eighteen hours turnout per day.  Although this is incredibly rare these days due to a lack of space at the majority of yards, in the paddock with his friends is definitely where your horse is at his happiest.  Coming in around 8 am to their stable, horses are turned out again in the afternoon or left in for you to ride after work or school.  Over the winter months, some of the more sensitive and elderly equines are kept in overnight and this is always an option for your horse. 

If your aiming to compete, there really is no better place to livery.  The Park hosts many onsite competitions throughout the year.    

If your dream is to be able to hack out without the stresses that roadwork inevitably brings, look no further:  You will not find better hacking than here at Poplar Park.  If you're not keen on going it alone you can always tag along with one of our organised hacks.

Below you will find full details of each of our livery plans.


We have three yards - the busy 16 stable main yard , which is the hub of Poplar Park, plus two quieter, smaller yards with 12 and 9 stables.  Each yard has its own tackroom. 

We provide light straw beds over rubber matting as standard but other forms of bedding can be accommodated.  The choice of hay or haylage is available and water is provided in either buckets or in auto drinkers. 

All horses are turned out overnight in herd groups year round, night stabling is available for £150 pcm.  Individual turnout if required is also £150 pcm subject to availability.

Full Livery £600 pcm

includes the following: 

  • Turnout
  • Mucking out
  • Stabling
  • Bedding (straw) (Shavings £32 pcm)
  • Hay or Haylage  (haylage £40 pcm) 
  • Feed
  • Grooming
  • Trimming
  • Tack cleaning
  • Exercise (3 times per week)
  • Rug changing

Part Livery £420 pcm

​includes the following:

  • Turnout
  • Mucking out
  • Stabling
  • Bedding (straw) (Shavings £32 pcm)
  • Hay or haylage (haylage £40 pcm)
  • Feed
  • Rug changing @ £2 per day

Schooling Livery £660+ pcm

This livery encompasses all the aspects of FULL LIVERY but with a tailor-made schooling and fitness regime to best suit your horse's needs.  Schooling livery arrangements are made on an individual basis and price will vary accordingly.

Please contact us to discuss the right path for you and your horse.

Working Livery Price negotiable

This livery encompasses all the aspects of PART LIVERY.  In addition, you allow us to use your horse for lessons and hacking with suitable clients.  Whenever possible your horse will be available for you to ride whenever you like.  The working livery is always subject to a trial period in order to ensure both parties are completely happy with the arrangement. 


Great little extras that are unique to liverying your horse here at Poplar ...

Any of the services we provide are available as addons to your basic livery (eg. addon a once-weekly tack clean to your part livery).

As a livery owner, you are entitled to hire one of our school ponies for £35 per hour, so you can affordably hack out with friends or family.