We have two pony clubs here at Poplar Park, taking children on the journey from riding and caring for small ponies through to horses as they grow bigger and stronger.  Their first in house competition will be a day to be treasured and before you know it they will be accompanying us in the horse lorry to events further afield.  Children with their own ponies are more than welcome to participate in these clubs.  Contact us to discover which club is right for your child.

Young Riders

Every second Saturday afternoon is dedicated to the education of our youngest riders, introducing them to all that is riding!  From grooming your pony to learning the basics of equitation, this club is a great way to entertain the kids for the morning. 

Held from 10am until 12pm every fortnight.

Sessions include a stable management and a ridden lesson.

Cost is £55

Pony Club

Once the children have established themselves as riders they are encouraged to move on from Young Riders into Pony Club.  Here anything horsey can be explored from in-depth grooming, to lungeing and vaulting.  The mounted lesson is designed to expose kids to a cornucopia of riding including hacking, jumping, bareback riding, le trec and gymkana games.

Held Saturdays from 12pm until 2pm every fortnight.

Sessions include stable management and a ridden lesson.

Cost is £55